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People who are casual,
earthy and prefer the outdoors.
Flowering or green plants,
meadow flowers and woodsy
accents suit this personality best.


People who are generous,
spontaneous and extravagant.
Bouquets of soft colors, light
fragrances and accents of
lace or ribbon might suit romantics.


Individuals who seek
personal betterment
and are attracted to the
unconventional - from
new age to the arts. Exotic flowers
and unusual combinations of shape,
color and texture will match
their creativity and artistic bent.


People who are trustworthy,
family oriented and prefer
classic styles.
They appreciate lush
arrangements with a
great variety of flowers.


Individuals who are
cutting-edge trendsetters
and enjoy living in the moment.
Vogue styles such as
monochromatic bouquets
or arrangements with a few,
large vibrant flowers are favorites.